Root membranes

  • Sealing of planted terraces, rooftop gardens, garage roofs, planted underground parking garages
  • prevents root damage

In the past, attempts to create more green spaces often failed because roof waterproofing or courtyard flooring were damaged by spreading invasive roots. This causes considerable water damage, which can only be fixed by completely removing all plants and installing new sealing membranes. This is a very expensive approach, which prevents many builder-owners from creating "green spaces".

By installing a root-resistant sealing membrane ELBE Natural Surface, Type D, spreading of roots and thus ingress of moisture into roof and flooring waterproofing is prevented reliably and permanently. This saves time and money and prevents problems.

ELBE Natural Surface sealing membranes type D are manufactured from plasticised PVC and protect the waterproofing of planted inner courtyards, rooftop gardens, garage roofs, underground parking garages from root damage

General information
ELBEsecur sealing membrane type D are root-resistant and waterproof, resistant against all naturally occurring chemicals and resistant to rotting.


The ELBEsecur sealing membrane type D does not require adhesive bonding and is positioned loosely on the surface of a roof, courtyard etc. In case it is a rough or bitumen surface, the sealing membrane needs to be placed on a plastic fleece underlay with minimum thickness of 300g/sqm. Rough substrates such as gravel have to be covered with a plastic fleece underlay with minimum thickness of 300g/sqm before installing the sealing membrane.

Root barrier membrane D

Field of application:

  • waterproof lining
  • homogenous
  • not UV-stabilised

Colour: black
Thickness / Width: 1.5mm (2.0m), 2.0mm, (1.80m)


  • resistant against ageing
  • cold resistant
  • weldable
  • root-resistant
  • free from lead and cadmium
  • not resistant against tar, bitumen, oil, gasoline and other solvents
  • not resistant to contact with other plastics, e.g. polystyrene hard foam